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Give sellers an idea of their property’s value

realestate.com.au, 2016

The business was looking to attract and define a new audience to the site, specifically those considering to sell their property. We were tasked with creating an experience in 3 months that would allow us to profile users and start to understand how sellers were navigating and consuming our experiences.


Understanding the market

Given the short time frame, we elected to run a two day design sprint. Given the extensive amount of existing research, we spent majority of our time reviewing existing knowledge, defining what we wanted to achieve and exploring solutions.

We left with key take-aways that helped us shape our future design.


  • Over 50% of surveyed sellers sighted the reason of selling was due to changes in their personal life stage (i.e upgrading, downsizing, retiring).

  • Our existing product suite doesn't cater for the early part of the selling journey, and our consumer satisfaction score supported this.

  • Personalisation was integral in order to provide information that is of use, and to help build brand trust in consumers.


Honing in on part of the problem

Based on our research, we went to explore various features that could address some of the main paint points and questions.


  • Focus on the early part of the consumer’s selling journey

  • Personalisation is key

  • Build consumer confidence with knowledge of their property and the local market


Rapid ideation

During the last day of the sprint, the team explored various ideas based on what we learnt and what we wanted to achieve.

We then ranked the ideas based on various metrics such as customer and consumer value, business value, feasibility and effort.


Seeing what sticks

We reviewed our current product landscape and identified that an existing product could be leveraged and iterated on. This meant we could focus on new components that would solve seller-specific problems.

To validate our ideas, we conducted two rounds of testing. Each round consisted of 8 participants looking to sell within the next 6-12 months. Each round of testing resulted in learnings that helped us iterate our ideas and further progress our solution design.

Key learnings

  • In order to build trust, any agent recommendations needed to be clearly justified and based on data.

  • Visualising properties on a map allowed consumers to easily interpret recent activity relevant to their situation.






The sellers experience recieved 148,000 visits in the first month go its launch at the start of December 2016. It's design has since been iterated on and continues to be a key product for potential sellers looking for information about the process.

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