Ryan Martin - User Experience Designer
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Help people explore their fashion style


Help people explore their fashion style

MYER, 2016

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially in fashion. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can make it hard for those who want to challenge their own style and explore a new way of expressing themselves.

We wanted to create an experience that gave people a way to explore fashion through recommendations, and continually refine this based on what they do and don’t like.


Tailoring their experience

To help kick off our recommendations, it was important for us to understand what the person was looking for - whether they had certain styles, garment types or brands that they wanted to explore. Fashion is very personal, and it’s important we tailor the experience for it to be valuable.


NEW USER Onboarding flow


Finding their next look

We wanted to use an interaction that people were familiar with when looking for something new, and we explored this using a swipe mechanism much akin to Tinder. By having people tell us if they liked a garment or not, we would be able to refine the next piece of clothing we show them next. We also wanted to give people the ability to learn more about each garment and find other items that would complete the look.





Purchasing their new wardrobe

A new look is only good when you can wear it. We explored how purchasing would work within the experience to make it a well-rounded product.