Ryan Martin - User Experience Designer
Fashion Finder Concept - Hero Banner.png

Fashion Finder Concept

Fashion Finder Concept - Hero Banner.png

Fashion Finder Concept (2016)


The business was interested in exploring new ways of engaging with consumers through technology. With the rise of interaction experiences such as Tinder, we wanted to explore how this would work for fashion.

The concept was to have a passive experience, that would serve up a personalised collection of products for people to ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’, that would feed in to our personalisation engine, and that would allow people to then purchase items they choose.


To facilitate the ability to personalise content, we explored the idea of allowing people to tell us a little about what they like such as brands, fashion styles and clothing categories.

Product discovery

Our key interaction method with recommended products was the Tinder inspired swipe mechanism. Users were given more control by being able to view product information, or to swap to a regular grid-style navigation,


Not only did we see this as being a fashion exploration product, but also one to allow consumers to purchase products and outfits straight from the app. A checkout flow was explored and designed.